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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
I actually fully agree with you.

Not to go into to many details but I have had alot of **** happen over the last month, been out of work, split ways with my girlfriend and had alot of close relationships be strained, its lead to a overall feeling of bordom with everyday life which has turned me looking a new adrenaline rush, which in turn usually leads to borderline stupid decision making.
Not for nothin', but I went through the same thing when my ex and I separated. I was going to get a cycle, and I didn't care. Had one in college, ex wouldn't let me have one, etc....Then I went to Dallas and saw the nastiest motorcycle wreck I've ever seen (and I've seen some nasties!)

Long story short - I went through the same thing, and it's funny that when I changed my mind and started pulling myself out of it I was surprised how many people breathed easier and told me they were worried for a while.
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