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There is an exercise we did in one of my classes last semester (little late I thought but oh well).

We wrote down the stuff we enjoy
We wrote down any hobbies we might have
We wrote down any subjects in school that we enjoyed/excelled in

Finally what we did is try to think of jobs/careers that might connect as many things from our list as we could (at the minimum 1 from each category).

Now what you could do with this, is look at the degree programs at the university near you and see what type of programs they have, that would be ideal for someone wanting a career in whatever you choose. That or maybe you could find a company that would employ someone with the job title you selected, a company that you could see yourself working for, then go there and see if you could talk to someone with the job title you selected. I also know that most, if not all, universities have aptitude testing, maybe that could point you in a direction.

Might sound lame but its a good exercise, it might help you.
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