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Originally Posted by UKwithPride View Post
You know, I really like you muddy, so I'm just saying this because it'd be cool to have you around for a long time, lol. its cool and all you have this new bike and everything, but it seems like you're pushing your luck quite a bit. I know you come from a dirt bike back ground, but these things are way different. You probably feel super confident and everything and know the risks, but in my opinion you should probably tone it down a bit. You've had the bike a short while and you're already doing 170+ on it, and in a previous video it showed you doing 100+ on public roads with cars around you. I'm not trying to offend you and be buzz killington, just trying to look out for a fellow human being and a good guy. You may think you're a skilled rider, and you probably are, but to what extent? Especially on a bike of that power and magnitude. A lot can happen in a very quick moment, and in my opinion it'd be cool to see you spend a lot more time on the thing and take more time to really get to know the bike before you're doing 120+ runs and stuff like that.

Again, just my opinion and looking out for someone that I care about.

I actually fully agree with you.

Not to go into to many details but I have had alot of **** happen over the last month, been out of work, split ways with my girlfriend and had alot of close relationships be strained, its lead to a overall feeling of bordom with everyday life which has turned me looking a new adrenaline rush, which in turn usually leads to borderline stupid decision making.

Back to gun whoring.....

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