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Originally Posted by Muddytaco

Ya but having somebody to share everything with is better then all that.

I a second note, I don't remember saying that quote in your sig LOL.
True that... I've been going out with her for the last 5 years as of the 17th and living with her for about 3 of those. We decided it was about time and her family and my family fully supported our decision. We picked out a ring early last year and got engaged June-ish. We had a short and sweet wedding in the church I grew up in on the 21st. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, especially since she puts up with all of my ****, lmfao.

Lol Derek. I've been wearing my wedding band the last couple days and took it off for work today... Feels really weird to not have it on now. Got one of the Triton tungsten ones from Kays so even I can't mess it up too bad.

Also, Dave, I capitalized on you being in an intoxicated state months ago, lmfao. I have the AIM log somewhere with that gem in it.
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Originally Posted by Muddy Taco
ya my vagina hurts sometimes to
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