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Default mr1 with electric spyder trigger

I got this MR1 off ebay really cheap and was practically brand new and stock. I added my dye rotor hopper to it along with a modified bottom ASA adjustable regulator that was for an old spyder TL I believe, also the kingman e-frame and a barrel kit. This gun is now a reliable monster of a marker. The hopper may seem like over kill but i can shoot as fast as I need to with re-assurance that there will be a ball in the chamber every time. I have yet to break a ball in about 2 case now, until....... it freaked out. the marker began to fire at a wicked high rate on it's own and ended up breaking a ball. I backed off the sensitivity of the trigger and it hasn't happened again on the last 2 days of games which ended the season because of winter. Well I took the gun out for a test fire the other day and it went into a firing frenzy when i went into a high bps rate. It did it a few times. When i fired at a slow bps rate, it doesn't happen. Is this as simple as backing off the trigger even more? Or could it be something within the board itself going bad? I am obviously going to adjust & test the trigger when I get a chance but just wanted to know any related 2cents about this. Anyone know if a Tadao board would have tighter trigger control?
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