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Couldn't pass on the deal. I was originally wanting a 650, then decided I would probably like a 600 better and probably keep it longer. Found a few 600 that were just ok, most were beat to hell or seemed shady on how it was really rode. Then ran into kid at field on sunday that said his dad was selling a bike, ended up making a offer and he took. Needs alittle work from setting around but price was right and with only 876 miles the thing is about as brand new as you can get on a used bike.

Bike is actually pretty tame under 4K rpm, but above that its a beast for sure.

I felt I have enough self control to not hurt myself, if I didn't I would of passed on it. Bought it to have fun, not to kill myself. Not really into going extremely fast, been there, done that, going to be used more for the curvy roads and track days. I was on dirtbikes for 3-4 years so I felt I would be ok since its not acutally my first bike, just first street bike, if it was first bike at all, no way. First time riders make to many mistakes with the controls and you could easily hurt yourself REALLY quick on this thing.

Although I will say 165hp bike that only weighs 468lbs wet is alittle different then 40 or so hp my old dirtbike put out lol.

I am good on gear, actually went out and bought all that first. Got nice (pronounced: expensive) helmet, gloves, boots and a jacket. Guy threw in a honda full leather racing jacket with the bike to so now I got that for winter/track riding.

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