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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Airbag light came on in my car. Took it into the dealership. Airbag controller is bad, $1062 to fix it. So right now I have no airbags. I did find a used airbag controller on a VW forum for $57 shipped. Hopefully that comes through and works.
My airbag light came on. They weren't sure why. They turned it off for $10. It probably won't work in event of a head-on collision. Ah the joys of a 11 year old car. Also, note, if I really wanted to be safe, I would have changed the airbag at the 10 year mark, which is recommended.

Originally Posted by MYNEWMR2 View Post
OK, I've asked this once before, but starting tourney play in a month or so, and need to decide between:
Etek 3 LT
Any one would be used. What do you guys like best? Or any other marker suggestions? My local pro shop guy was telling me axe, but he had axes to sell, so IDK... Thanks!
I loved my protege. I've never used an Etek, but I have shot an axe and it didn't feel as nice as the protege did. I'd say get the vice -- they really will blow people away.

Sidenote: My new years resolution is cliche and boring, anyone on fitocracy or want an invite? Its been helping me stay on track a little bit more than last year.
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