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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
Went out to california for christmas....managed to get pulled over doing 89 on the way there and topped it today in the middle of ****ing no where texas doing 98....wwwoooootttttt $486 down the drain!!!!!!!!
LOL, I've gotten 2 for 85 in a 55 and neither were more than $200. I fought 1 to fight it, the other was very obviously not me, but they didn't care:
  • Officer admitted to being unable to identify car make model or color before having pulled me over
  • Officer turned his back after making a measurement on his LIDAR device, checked both ways and jogged 20 feet to his cruiser that was across the enterence ramp from him
  • Given his claimed distance on the measurement, it would have been impossible for him to pull me over where he did even at the speed limit.
  • The angle of his measurement could feasibly allow a car to dip in and out of his line of sight

Kinda BS, but the court hearing was in a bad part of town and they didn't care at all.

Side note that marv might find funny. I was doing some downloading and I found some stuff in flac that I needed. I got it and then discovered it was a vinyl rip... Not really something I care about, but the files were abnormally huge (like as big as you claimed them to be before). I took a look. The rips are 24bit @ 96000Hz, aka 3030KB/s... ~100MB/album, ~1GB/album. I don't think I'll ever need that kind of quality, but TIL vinyl is higher quality than CD and not just some earthy nostalgia. I probably won't DL anymore unless I have to, but I won't decrease their quality.
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