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Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
I'll have to pass that story on to my best man, he'll get one helluva laugh out of it. That's considering that he is coaching XSV currently, of course. Vike got one tiny bit wrong... 50bps in NPPL uncapped semi is... technically legal. Physically impossible, but it's legit if someone can do it unassisted.
Ok, ok. I guess I was thinking too realistically, lol! It IS legal since it's uncapped, but as far as I can think there's no legal way to reach it. Bounce, silent ramp, whatever - he's not doing it legally. And yes, I'd demand proof if he was saying he was doing it legally and would call him out in front of his family for boldface lying, hahaha!

I remember when people used to say they could hit 14 bps in semi and people hammered those guys saying they didnt get there without help. Over the years, it's crept (or should I say, sprinted?) higher and higher until now it's not uncommon to hear people say they can hit 30 bps uncapped with no assistance. I honestly don't think they understand just how fast 30 bps is....or even 15-20 bps.

There used to be a website that had what each bps sounded like - 10 bps, 20 bps, 30 bps, etc. Come to find out people didn't really know what they were shooting until they went there.
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