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I'll have to pass that story on to my best man, he'll get one helluva laugh out of it. That's considering that he is coaching XSV currently, of course. Vike got one tiny bit wrong... 50bps in NPPL uncapped semi is... technically legal. Physically impossible, but it's legit if someone can do it unassisted.

I think of a hopper's speed this way: if it can reliably feed from 1bps through 50bps, I want it on my gun. I use a Reloader B with a HotRod kit and Freeway antijam because it does just that (only it never hit above 33 or so bps), and as soon as it doesn't keep up anymore it'll be out the door in lieu of a Rotor.

About the regulator... If I play, the gun is set to 285-300fps and 13bps PSP. Hell, I haven't touched my regs in ages, just left 'em be, and they were still set to it a few weeks ago when I aired them up for my bachelor party. That's a standard Hyper2 on my EM6, and it was maintaining +/-7fps without anything being lubed in over a year. Not even a leak from anything except the macro which was fixed by moving it a bit.

If he's shooting 36 cases of paint... he isn't doing his job. Anyone can play D2 if they have the money, they don't have to be good... saying they played D2 isn't saying much, just that his team can afford it. I know quite a few local guys that played D1 for a year and did decently. Didn't get first place, but they didn't place last.

I know just what you mean about the paint, MR2... As soon as we got to the field, my friend (who owns it with his wife) ejected 10 people on the spot for not using field paint in rentals. Especially with noobs, it can get dangerous with them using **** like Monster Balls since they don't know much better.
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