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That guy is lying to you. Period. Human fingers do not move that fast. It's physically impossible. 50 bps is illegal in ALL tournaments, and there are very few guns even capable of going that fast. Not to mention the safety factor that is involved with shooting that fast. Just that alone would allow me to ridicule him. He doesn't shoot 36 cases. 72,000 paintballs? His team maybe, but not him. and ONLY 14 pods? Consider that 14 pods holds approx. 2100 paintballs, that would mean that he would have had to play 34 games at least, and used EVERY pod in each game. I'm really rolling my eyes here. Please go back and make fun of that guy and make him prove it to you. He sounds like a noob who's never played higher than a local 3 man tournament, and lost.

A jumper is a plastic piece that connects to pins together. When it's on, it makes a connection and allows a certain thing (in this case, bps) to happen. It sounds like yours might have fallen off...

looks like this
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