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Story time!!
So I went paintballing for the first time in 6 months today, and we were talking about my friend's rotor, and I mused, "Why do you need 50 BPS capability?? No one shoots 50 BPS" A ref walking by said, "I do." As he was decked out in proto gear, I asked him if he played tournaments. He told me:

He plays D2

He just got back from a tournament in Miami (I thought it was the off season, and I think he said it was PSP. could be wrong. And i don't think there's a tournament this close to Christmas)

He shoots 50 BPS on semi uncapped and it's allowed

He shoots 36 CASES a tournament (WTF??)

Plays back center and goes into a game with 14 pods

Has a Bob Long GR6 "or something like that" (I said "you mean G6R?") which he paid $3000 for cause it has "upgrades"

He has an electronic reg on it that allows him to shoot 300 every single shot no matter how fast he's shooting, and it was almost $400

Tell me, is that crazy (especially the 36 cases a tournament) or am I crazy??

And what is a jumper?
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