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Originally Posted by MYNEWMR2 View Post
Not new thread worthy, but what is an MR2 worth? I want to start playing tournament paintball and I need to sell my spyder to get some money for an etek or a bob long. As long as I'm asking, what do you guys think of eteks vs a bob long closer, marq, rapper, or vice? I've ears great things about eteks, but what about Bob Longs?
A Bob Long... well... They're finicky. Once you get your particular one dialed in and keep it there, it almost always works. Getting to that point can range in difficulty from tweaking a reg up an 1/8 turn, to mind-boggling insanity. This also depends on how well the previous owner took care of his marker, too, so you never know what you're going to get unless it's a local buy. I haven't worked on a LOT of Eteks, but they're run o' the mill Planet Eclipse. I'd go for an Ego over an Etek personally, perhaps an 07, but that's just me.
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