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So, with the recent hard-drive price hikes (Thailand flooding has caused $100 base increase on price) I did the good friend thing and offered my buddy my RAID hot spare/backup drive. I didn't realize that Windows had done the completely moronic until he had already wiped it -- I installed Windows to a RAID10 array and the installer automatically placed my system partition on a drive that I wasn't even using in the install... brilliant. Luckily it was my backup drive (about 200GB of it was set to stand in for the RAID in event of failure, the rest was xz archives of my periodic backups. Right before I pulled the drive, I did a backup and pushed all the archives onto an external hard drive. Left with a broken Windows partition (likely needing minimal repair mixed with maximum partitioner frustration), a complete archive of all my docs and VMs. I set out to install Gentoo as my main OS -- which I'm sure D can appreciate. My goal was to install with the following features (no wikipedia links to show this -- but D ought to know that the list below is no trivial task).

* RAID 10, RAID 1 (boot)
* LVM2
* dm-crypt/LUKS
* SELinux
* Xmonad
* Zsh

I've done a virtualbox gentoo install in the past... but this may have been a little more than my holiday could handle. I'm thoroughly impressed with how easy it has been to do some of these tasks (ones I've tried in Arch Linux in the past). But it's still a lot of work -- and a lot of configuration that I never saw when doing the VM install.

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