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Default Re: FEELER: Stock-class Spyder pump!

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Its a shame you guys are getting rid of your customs. I regret doing so with mine.
You and vick have your pumps up. His is 150 and yours is down to 215. You both have incredibly similar markers but yet so unique. Any body looking to get these at a steal consider themselves luck as both are worth and easy 200 in parts. I should note that on top of that only a limited amount of people ever complete a working pump project let alone make them look anywhere near as good. A cocker pump is the closest comparison to Factory pump markers and used one with parts as nice as this could easily cost more.

Comparision and Estimated parts pricing
__________________________________________________ ______________
-Freak barrel matching color bore. $50, for a front back and 1 insert?
-PMP kit. $50.00, if you can still find one, probably best kit that fits on a spyder
-you have phantom feed (optional Ego), Stock cross feed for viking. +1 for you the phantom parts are inexpensive 10-20 bucks, the ego feed neck obviously 35
-You have cartriage, He has Gas through/on-off ASA +1 for Viking this can run you from free-to an easy 150 itself. Gas lines and adapters too
-You have a Dye grip, He has a Dye Grip- 0_o wut! How much? IDK but i bet it pulls like a dream, similar the BL frames maybe? anyways if you can find a decent quality single trigger mech frame can start @ $30 and sundragon had some @ $60.
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