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Default Re: Completely new to paintball ( electra 09 with eyes)

For the newer electra you are so setup from the factory its silly.

Everything flows well, and operates smoothly. There are little things you could do as you get more serious like a barrel kit, although i found that the 2-piece that came with it worked quite well in most applications.

As far as bolt on pieces, here is the list
-VS/RS Tadao board. It fits, but not perfect, fully adjustable
-Regs- As long as the hose comes out the bottom of the reg it will fit with out issue. If the hose fittings are on the side you will have to take the trigger frame off to screw it in and possibly shim it to keep it out of the way.
-On/off ASA- Any bottom line will work, the electra has rails and inline screw pattern.
-Bolt- There are a couple bolts out there, make sure they are specifically made for an 08 and newer electra. Alamo city might make one.
-Feedneck- I believe the feedneck is propitiatory. so your SOL for now.

What I recommenced. Buy a chrono and some paint. then "sweet spot" your reg. Its not complicated but after adjustment its a world of difference than just close enough.
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