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I don't think you'll notice everyday, but you'll notice if you use your music a lot for more than just listening. If you manipulate songs, you'll notice, or if you listen to the cd version as a comparison, you might notice. But the reason I keep it isn't that you'll notice on the master copy, but that you'll notice when you re-encode it for somebody or some other reason. Compression loss is multiplicitive, so if you were to ask me to encode mp3 from my collection, you'd get a copy with 'x' distortion. If I had a collection of mp3 and you wanted ogg of the same level, the distortion would go up to 'xy' distortion. I re-encode for a number of reasons and I have a reputation for having things people need. My dad keeps a collection of .ogg L6 audio on a media center and I periodically give him music. My friends use mp3 320, 192 and 128 (I become an audiophile at about 128 and rarely allow them to take anything lower) for their mp3 players and periodically pull music from me. I've used my music collection for sampling in projects which have involved slowing and distorting that might have issues with mp3 artefacts. Flac has been very good to me, and as I said, to my untrained ear, about 15% of the songs that I have sound clearer and more correct in flac than mp3, 320. Usually the artefacts are negligible, but I can see how somebody with a background in music and a good set of speakers might notice problems, especially at louder volumes.
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