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The way I understand the Bulldozer architecture, it actually is not a physical core, but a logical core used for HT. When not in use, all resources are allocated to the "core(s)" in use. Basically... a 4 "core" Bulldozer technically only has one, but 4 HT channels supporting 1mb of cache each. When only one is in use, theoretically this one core has all 4mb of cache. This is why I want a high core clock, because it'll only really use one in W7 anyways, might as well make it a damned fast one. There might be a better Intel out there right now, but we'll see how they perform against the unreleased FX's sooner or later. I wouldn't doubt the Intel'd be faster, but I don't want to spend much over $200 for a CPU if I want to keep my rebuild cheap. If that means I'll have to settle for the FX 4100 (3.6ghz core clock @ $115-120 price point) because the 4170 is too much, so be it.
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