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Just binge played skyrim until my eyes started hurting.... 10 hours later. I gave up on no fast travel.... the game is enormous. Its truly epic. How's yours going marv? Still awake/alive or did you almost caffeine coma too?

And Tim, I've made it a habit to always assume the mobo leaves with the cpu.... the mobo is usually just as dated and even if the socket matches there's hardly a good reason for ditching a fine cpu and basically losing its cost. I5 is like 220? Those puppies fly. If applications with lots of threads weren't so rare (this is mostly the fault of proceduralyou languages... functional languages scale treads well) then amd might have a shot just with the ability to buy so many cores. But windows barely uses multithreading for applications that basically necessitate it, let alone normally tasks.

Sleep deficit add - skyrim runs on ultra. It did start lagging though --I after Firefox memory leaked to more than skyrim was using
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