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Yup, #3 in line on release night for my Hardened Edition Leed. My two good friends were in front of me, lol. Multiplayer is much better than with MW2 so far, but this COD Elite thing is driving me nuts. I'm supposed to be granted "Founder" status because I pre-ordered the Hardened Edition, but their website is being a pain in the ass.

As far as the campaigns between BF3 and MW3 go.... BF3 is much more like a movie. Very, very well done, and with the HD download it is simply stunning to look at. MW3 is much more shooting, and -- as it is the end of the trilogy -- an absolute must play for those that enjoyed MW and MW2. Graphics are better in MW3 than in MW2, but not by much. The Battlefield series saw a much bigger improvement, IMO, with their new graphics engine.

I also have Assassin's Creed on pre-order. Can't wait for it, but I have to admit... getting three of the four major titles this year (Yes, I'm including Skyrim in that) has really worn me out, and I'm only through 2/3. Late night gaming sessions and working long hours the next day just plain suck. AC will be worth it, though.

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