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Default Re: Got myself a Metadyne Thumper (No. #157)

Originally Posted by VagabondStarJXF View Post
I don't know. What's a nova?

Yay! I've found some (total of 4) 12g caplets hiding away with my T9! Erm... I think I'll strip it down, clean out the dow55 and relube with petroleum jelly before I gas it up... Just to be good, y'know, because I'd already cleaned out the trigger frame 'n stuff. I won't have a chance to buy any more 12g's before the new year so I figure it's a good idea to cycle the correct lube through the internals before I run out of gas.
The Nova is an old (I mean old) pneumatic marker that relieved the idea of a moving bolt by pneumatically moving the barrel forward and back.

And I was wrong to say that it is a Mechanical Nova, as the Nova was mechanical (but penumatic). Instead this would be considered simply a Pump Nova.

Nothing against the marker or Metadyne, but from the few videos I watched on YouTube, it would seem as though the markers available are really still Prototypes with all the bugs that come with them.


Okay, so if any of you don't know how this gun works (I didn't before), the key is it uses a spring loaded rotating mass instead of a spring loaded sliding mass to actuate the valve. Beyond that and the barrel instead of a bolt, it's more or less the same as anything else.
Good times, good times.

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