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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
man, i live on reddit now. i was going to upgrade for BF3, but i can play with my Core2Duo and 460gtx just fine.
Those idiots on r/gaming were telling people that they'd never even get it to run at 60fps on a 550ti. I'm addicted to reddit... but people... I hate them.

D- Gnome 3.0 is on fedora; Gnome 3.2 is the most recent release. Beefy Miracle (Fedora 16, later this month) will have 3.2 and it should be even nicer. One tradeoff of YUM is that it seems to download a fresh list of the packages every time you use it. This is nice to prevent issues sometimes... but it seems strange to run an install command 2 minutes apart and download the list every time -- like huge issues could arise from that. IMO they should have their management in a place where a few minutes or even a day old repository listing won't break anything anything (but perhaps just provide an older package) so that they don't need to update the package list so often.
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