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Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler View Post
I was still on the internet, just not the usual places. I got fed up with facebook and ragequit awhile back, making it difficult for people without standard forms of contact to reach me. Im on google plus now, aside from its inability to entice facebook users, I like it. Been on reddit a lot. Didn't intentionally mean to sever so many connections... just facebook. Im buried in engineering books most of the time, which I enjoy with some beer. I built my pc for gw2 and skyrim, among other things. Shu, I love the h60... it barely fit in my case though because of the fans. It seems to do about 5*c lower than my friends coolermaster air heatsink on a very similar build. It was way easier to install though than his sink was.

Edit: I should clarify... the radiator is a bit taller than a 120mm fan and because of the massive amount of fans in the nzxt phantom, it barely fit without displacing one of the 7 fans. Over the cpu it fit way better than a traditional sink.
man, i live on reddit now. i was going to upgrade for BF3, but i can play with my Core2Duo and 460gtx just fine.
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