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AH! that was the issue that I had.... I had to manually partition fedora for virtualbox. Grub freaks out something awful with the default IIRC. I'll check my partition scheme and get back to you.

I figured OSX had a strong possibility of having improved audio handling, I just wasn't sure. I like (when reading) to hear that Core uses OpenAL, but TBH, I haven't run into a single shortcoming with JACK yet... I've done some crazy stuff. I've got 5.1 going out a fiber optic line and 7.1 in headphones along with 2 stereo jacks (and then 8 on the back) and I've tried doing some insane outputs, loops and channel swapping and never come up with something I couldn't do (albeit with a little hacking/command construction). I hacked up some crazy concoction with each channel of the 5.1 outputting a different program channel and then looping them back to microphone input and then switching which one output over mumble and it seemed to all work. It was pretty nice.

Compiz does some pretty standard tiling, but Xmonad is really the tiling WM to look at. It made me learn Haskell (which is a mixed bag) but you really have no limit to tiling control... and it does it for you, all the time (or only half the time if you code it to do so -- very powerful)

Yum has come a long way. I used to hate it too (which I think was a part of RPM dependency hell, being a noob and its early age), but after Pacman I couldn't go back to the filthy command line use for Apt (ugh does it have the most awful output or what?). Yum is much cleaner and a lot faster than I remember it being. The GUI's for YUM still don't cut it compared to synaptic, but I hear there's a Yum version of that around that I might try to use. Terminal output for Yum beats Apt without trying... it's much nicer. I still haven't taken sides between Pacman and YUM though.
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