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Just tried to install Fedora in VBox and got the expected GNOME3 failed to load. Figured I needed additions, so I installed to HDD and then when it rebooted it said No OS found. Oh well. I'll install it on my actual machine.

I don't like Evolution either, but that was just an example. Sure, I can set up IMAP and get a lot of the same functionality, But it's not as easy as having true Exchange sync, which is possible without any proprietary tools by just using the same OWA connector that Apple Mail uses. I can't understand why no Linux devs have taken advantage of this yet.

I can agree with the Linux plusses on everything except the audio inputs and tiling:

-OS X handles professional grade audio extremely well via Core audio. Many would argue it handles it better than Linux or Windows ever dreamed of being able to. I can't say one way or the other, as although I am involved with professional audio, I've never had to use or configure a DAW.

-Windows handles tiling really nicely, I think. Not quite as nicely as Awesome or some of the dedicated tiling window managers in Linux, but nice enough for most. There are free utilities for OS X that I've personally used that basically allow different window positions to be mapped to certain keys..just like awesome.

I'm gonna give Fedora a try and see if I like it. The UI looks promising, but YUM has the potential to really annoy me.
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