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I disagree on Linux programs. Linux distros have come a long way, but almost all distros still lack the polish that both W7 and OS X provide. I can honestly say at this point, I'm just as happy running W7 as I am OS X. My setup right now is the 965BE based desktop I mentioned earlier at home and then a new Macbook Air with the i5 at work. This setup works well for me. I will say it is possible to have a Linux-based machine that works great and is just as stable as a Win or Mac machine. However, it's the packages that break something that was working or the distribution upgrades that completely break your entire install that really keep me on proprietary OS's.

Claus, on the subject of Gentoo, I ran it numerous times a few years ago and always ended up going back to a more polished distro. Ubuntu has been my long standing favorite, and it's for that reason I have standardized all of our Linux servers at work on 10.04 LTS. I highly recommend at least trying Gentoo, if for nothing else to but to learn the innerworkings of Linux. It's rather challenging to get Gentoo installed, configured, and working, but that's part of the fun. I suppose the beauty of Gentoo is that it is literally *exactly* what you want it to be. You know every package on your machine. It gets old maintaining it after awhile, though.
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