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I don't use FF, I use Chrome exclusively. It syncs all my encrypted data between my laptop, my fiancee's laptop, my desktop, and the Portable Chrome I have on a USB stick for when I have access to none. Doc, the X4 925 is a 2.8ghz clock, whereas the 965 BE is a 3.4ghz clock. I could always do with just a bit more out of my CPU, and OC'ing to 3.2ghz or upgrading to a 965 like yours would do it just right. I'm spending my money on other things currently (guns, primarily), otherwise it'd have been done months ago... Scratch that, just checked NewEgg and the AMD FX4170 is looking like what I want next, depending on price. I don't care for the extra cores since Windows won't be able to use them, and at 4.2ghz core clock with a boost to 4.3ghz... omfg.

I have my desktop inside a cabinet because that's where it'd fit. Liquid cooling of the CPU coupled with only a little air flow make it work just fine. When I start power using, I open up the cabinet and let it get as much fresh air as the 200mm front fan can intake.

I have to agree, Marv. Linux programs are the absolute best. Free, AND they work 99.99% of the time like they're supposed to. I never could wrap my head around Fedora for some reason, and never had the time to figure it out. The package installers are what I hang at primarily. I've used Ubuntu for many years now and it works for me. Gentoo... yer just nuts with that one. File-grouping tool... sounds interesting. I haven't heard of that before, though, lmao.
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