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The stock sink for i7 is garbage, that's part of the reason. Aside from keeping things at a good temperature, I don't much care. I really love my Linux partition and dislike the difficulties I have running games properly (mainly because they're not designed for Linux). I ran windows exclusively for a bit and it the quad + hyperthreading cores feel totally wasted, and I feel like any "power user" activities completely require me to code it myself or pay $50 for a stupid utility that does almost nothing. In Linux the utility is always free and always better. For example: I've been doing some multi-in multi-out audio on my card and windows basically has no ability with this. There are some sites with $40+ software with no demo and a 1999-looking webpage but Linux has JACK... aka the best thing I could have hoped for.

I'm getting more into Fedora recently (mainly with the Ubuntu Unity focus --while letting repos slip). I enjoy Debian, but its a few steps behind always and Arch has mixed "cutting edge" focus, where many of the programs are instantly released, but all of the tools are stuck years behind. Mint and #! are nice, but any time people use distro-specific Debian repos they fail. I HATE Mint's firefox, and that breaks the whole distro for me. I may get into Gentoo soon (probably after I finish my VBox for it) but it's kinda difficult to install. I've been building a file-grouping tool and reading through some package management tools, and finding new ways to install and manage them with existing tools or combinations of them.
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