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Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
I was wrong, I have an H70. They just released the H80 as well, which is what I'd choose if I were on the market currently for another cooler. You can't get much better than liquid cooling, and Corsair's CPU cooling is rock solid from my experience.
I'd get the H100 if I had a more "standard" case. NZXT phantom has two "200mm" (192mm -- 200mm proprietary) fans up top with no mount for the H100 radiator. Dream case is one from the Obsidian series, but the Phantom was on a fantastic sale. H70 and H80/H100 have higher throughput than the H60 with their pump, H80 has a thicker radiator, and H100 has a double wide radiator. H80 and H100 have different speed profiles and light up when different temperatures. H60 is pretty much bare minimum IMO. H50 is apparently too slow to get a benefit over regular coolers (although can be cheaper and easier fitting).

Just went to a liquidation warehouse and picked up a 17" 4:3 LCD monitor for my dual display for like 40 bucks today. It's pretty nice.

Tim, do you have any good W7 utilities you use that make better use of multi-threading than system utilities? I'm rocking 7zip for the n core LZMA2 compression, but aside from that I only really use hyper threading with Linux.

Also, speaking of corsair, I think this will be my keyboard (currently using a dell POS) I'll have to find/make a driver for all those G keys for Linux. That should make my VIM and XMonad configs nice and complicated.
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