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My only complaint with the setup is that for some reason or another I lose video on occasion after rebooting. (Newest bios and stable both). I think this is due to the change to Z68 in addition to UEFI. Z68 offers Intel on-processor GPU, which is different from a Northbridge/southbridge setup that has been done in the past. H60 (or its family -- which I will be buying in the future) are a great way to noncommittally get into liquid cooling. I have nothing but good things to say about Corsair (I emailed them and they sent me a box of goodies). If I owned one of their cases I'd own a H100 cooler.

EDIT: I took a look at that cooler Shu, it's massive, and expensive. I think the H60 cost me all of $50 on a newegg sale, $60 with some arctic silver. What kind of case are you tossing this in?
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