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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos


Two sandanas for sale. One old one, and one newish one.

Not sure if the old one is rare or not, so if it is, give me an HONEST offer, ok? I'll start at $15.00 right now for it, and go up or down depending on what I find out.

New one. Asking 25.00 for this one. It's in perfect condition.

Gun bag

Got this for my shocker on a sponsorship deal, but it may fit the newer guns just as well since they're smaller now. Heavy duty Neoprene with a heavy duty zipper. Perfect for keeping it safe if you don't want a hard case for your shooter!

Asking $15.00.


Worn. First two fingers cut. 'Nuf said. The blue Redz ones have a hole in the thumb (crappy gloves). The others are in decent condition. Either way, all three will protect your hands while leaving your shooting fingers free to wiggle!

$5.00 plus shipping each. All three pair for $10.00 plus shipping.

Empire Tank Cover

Sponsorship deal, but never used it. In EXCELLENT condition!

$10.00 bucks OBO

Dye Lock Lid Pods


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