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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos


I have two awesome tanks that I have to let go for cheap - they are BOTH out of hydro (about 20-30 bucks and you got yourself a new tank). The System X has a new regulator on it (ACI adjustable Bulldog regulator) and is a 68/4500 tank. The Pure Energy is older of the two, but not as well used as this is a 68/3000 tank. Both can be sold with or without the tank covers, it's just gonna cost a tiny bit more for the covers if you choose that route.

Pure Energy 68/3000

System X 68/4500 with ACI Bulldog reg

Tanks without covers - System X, $60.00 OBO
Pure Energy, $50.00 OBO

With covers, add $5.00 to each.


Redz elbow pads and Franklin Volleyball knee pads. Best pads I've used - most comfort without slipping at all. I used them EVERY time I played or practiced and they are just as good now as they were then. Washed after every day of play as well, so not that gross! When I knelt in the knee pads it was like kneeling on a pillow, I kid you not. And when I got hit in the forearms, hardly felt it, and dives were WONDERFUL. Excellent bounce producers as well.

Elbow pads - $25.00 OBO
Knee pads - $5.00 + Shipping firm

30 bucks plus shipping gets protection for your arms and knees!

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