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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos


Reloader B and Eggy II. I prefer the Reloader B to any loader I've used. Haven't used the Eggy in several years, but it was perfect last I used it. It has that upgrade board in it, what was it? The Z Board? Checked it over closely and there are no cracks or chips in either shell.

Pics of me using the Reloader in my last tournament.

Reloader B - SOLD!!!!!
Eggy II - asking $30.00 OBO


Redz Dimension pack - have to admit that this pack is worn. I used it for years before making an upgrade. Material is in awesome shape, maybe a slight stain on it, but the velcro is a little worn. One of my favorite packs of all time. Comes with the comfort belt system.

Asking $25.00 OBO.

My newest pack, Empire Liquid Pack - I fell in love with this pack the first time my sponsor showed it to me. It has a pattern that a camera just can't catch well, but it's pretty cool. The velcro is the strongest I've seen and it has an adjuster strap to make it fit perfectly. Here's my review from when I got it. k

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