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Default End of an Era Sale, Part dos

Part two of my sales bonanza. I hate to do this, but I really, really, really need the money, and since I don't play anymore - maybe this is a chance to give someone the pleasure I've had with this equipment. Either way, it's a sad day for me, but a necessary one. Heads up, I'm giving SOC the first chance at this sale - in two days it's going to the Nation and Ebay. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy my stuff - I want it to go to people I trust! (This will actually take awhile to post everything, so be patient! This thread is for my actual markers. )


1. ALL sales final.
2. Prices do NOT reflect shipping. You will pay for that.
3. Everything comes AS IS. (See rule #3a)
3a. I was a player. As such ALL my equipment (unless otherwise stated) has been tournament, rec and woodsball tested. The item will most likely have little marks on them, but I tried very hard to take care of it.
4. ALL sales are OBO (Or Best Offer). However, I've tried to be fair, and I need money FAST, so my list is what I'd really like to see. Shoot me an offer though - worst I can say is no thank you!
5. Shipping Insurance will be paid by me for items more than $50.00.
6. I reserve the right to refuse service, though I never have. Yet!
7. Finally, please do not clutter up my thread - Post here if you're interested, then send me a PM. I'll receive something that way!
8. Paypal or money order ONLY. NO trades.
9. You pay, I ship. Period.

Vforce Profilers - LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask! If I was still playing, I wouldn't even come close to considering anything else. Played in, but in great condition as you can see. Even the strap is not curled.

Asking $40 OBO.

If you buy this mask, I'll sell all these extra lenses for $10.00 extra. Otherwise, they'll be $10.00 each. Two clear, one smoke, and one Amber (excellent for indoor, cloudy days or playing in the woods.)

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