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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, part un

4th: Spimego. This was the first gun I built. As far as I know, I was the first to put the Ego parts into a Spimmy (albeit just the feedneck, and homemade at the time). I milled and drilled the Victor body myself. Took several hours, but I'm very pleased with it. Starting from the bottom, it's got a Unimount (old style), 2K2 clammy w/LCD mounted, Alias trigger guard and modified Alias trigger (roller bearing mounted), WAS 2.9 set on semi, Hybrid Hitman grips, Alias ram sleeve, 2K2 ram (getting an eigenram, I think), Alias poppit, Hybrid adjustable ram cap, Torpedo HPR, Lasoya LPR and VA, 2K2 modified bolt, Vanquished Ego feedneck mounted on Spyder feed neck.

Can sell with J&J Edge kit or not. Also can sell with the case shown (Tactical Performance, zippered, red and black with foam.) Case and barrel kit will add to price.


J&J Edge Barrel Kit - excellent condition. Hardly used.


Gun by itself - $325.00
Gun with J&J Edge barrel kit - $375.00
Gun with barrel kit and case - $400.00

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