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Default Re: End of an Era Sale, part un

Third: My beloved Phantom. Ordered this special through Otter - has a relatively rare anno job (wasn't done much back in the day.) It's been played with in the woods and on the rec speedball field and it's a shooter, all right! I LOVE this gun and it kills me to give it up. Vertical stock class, brown and green over black acid wash, 12 gram changer with matching T stock.

Extras: 3.5 Co2 bottle with cap (I preferred it over just Co2 cartridges - just have to make sure it doesn't get too hot in the summer or the burst disc will blow like on all small tanks), shotgun belt with VL 2 pod pack (for a dump pouch) for holding 10 round tubes and extra Co2 cartridges and metal foam lined case. The case is from Lowes, and has those cut out pieces so that I could form fit it to the gun and accessories to keep them all in one place. Case is in EXCELLENT shape, with very few scratches and no rust. If you want these separately, you can get them in my other thread.


Shotgun belt, VL dump bag and 3.5 oz tank.


Just Phantom with 12g changer and T stock, $325.

Entire package - Phantom with 12 g changer, T stock, metal case, 3.5 oz tank with cap, shotgun belt with dropbag and 10 round tubes, $400.00
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