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Default End of an Era Sale, part un

Yup, here it is in all it's glory. I hate to do this, but I really, really, really need the money, and since I don't play anymore - maybe this is a chance to give someone the pleasure I've had with this equipment. Either way, it's a sad day for me, but a necessary one. Heads up, I'm giving SOC the first chance at this sale - in two days it's going to the Nation and Ebay. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy my stuff - I want it to go to people I trust! (This will actually take awhile to post everything, so be patient! This thread is for my actual markers. )

All guns will come lubed and ready for play, but I don't have air, nor the ability to get air, to test them. They were in excellent shooting condition last I used them, so that's all I can say about that. All guns come AS IS. Make an offer!


1. ALL sales final.
2. Prices do NOT reflect shipping. You will pay for that.
3. Everything comes AS IS. (See rule #3a)
3a. I was a player. As such ALL my equipment (unless otherwise stated) has been tournament, rec and woodsball tested. The item will most likely have little marks on them, but I tried very hard to take care of it.
4. ALL sales are OBO (Or Best Offer). However, I've tried to be fair, and I need money FAST, so my list is what I'd really like to see. Shoot me an offer though - worst I can say is no thank you!
5. Shipping Insurance will be paid by me for items more than $50.00.
6. I reserve the right to refuse service, though I never have. Yet!
7. Finally, please do not clutter up my thread - Post here if you're interested, then send me a PM. I'll receive something that way!
8. Paypal or money order ONLY. NO trades.
9. You pay, I ship. Period.

Now for the sadness.

1st up: Kingman Chaser Pistol. What you see is what you get. It has everything that came with it except the two Co2 cartridges and about 15 paintballs. Only used in the backyard once to test, then dry fired in the living room to get the dogs barking. This thing's not even broken in yet! No scratches that I could see, but then, it's lived in a box since I got it.

$125 obo.

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