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Default Re: Completely new to paintball ( electra 09 with eyes)

Uh... yeah... Sure, Spud.

FNGTruck, there are tons of things you can do to the marker to make it your own, but all include Dremels and "at your own risk" disclaimers. If you really want to customize a gun, you buy either an old school Spyder, a 'Cocker.... or buy a CNC machine and make your own. The 09 Electra just doesn't have much available except for... well, the aforementioned barrels. DFSniper, Otter, Vikingshadow, and Shunut have all done excellent work with Dremels or otherwise on their older model Spyders, and I'm sure you could probably attempt the same, but it just won't be worth it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is how it is. Buy a proper barrel, shoot the hell out of your marker, and just plain enjoy it.
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