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Default Re: Problem with Sear actuating

Originally Posted by shunut View Post
With the trigger frame off the gun, and the sear not in contact and under tension from the hammer/striker, the sear will not move when you pull the trigger.

Here is a video I made for another member, the spring could be missing or broken on the sear.

M4H03072.MP4 - YouTube

Or, there could be a problem with the internals. When was the last time it was taken apart and everything was given a good lubing? Are their any upgrades? Spring Kits? Regulators? Valves?
so if its not missing the spring, which it isn't, and I have problems with recocking, the hammer rounded or the sear rounded and is causing the issue? It sounds logical by what im experiencing. It's hard to tell by looking but I'd say the hammer is the issue then.

Where do I get these particular hammers? Are they available new?

thanks again for all the help.
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