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Default Problem with Sear actuating

trying to help someone who is trying to help someone

Originally Posted by dbkid0486 View Post
hey guys,

a friend of mine has an older spyder that he plays with. Anyway he is having some issues with the sear dropping.

When the marker is gassed up and you pull the trigger, the marker will " double fart-fire" and uncock itself making you have to maually recock to fire it again.

When the marker is not gassed up and you pull the trigger, the sear will not move at all.

It seems the 2 pieces that touch insdie the frame to cause the sear to drop are not touching.

I took a vid of my pulling on the trigger and the sear not moving. I will get up another vid in a few minutes of the two pieces not touching as I pull the trigger.

but any thoughts while you guys way?

thanks again for your help, and sorry about the question if its an easy fix, im a cocker guy and have never used or worked on a spyder before.
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