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Default Re: What cha Drivin

I still prefer the sound of a tuned Scubie to a Hemi.

Work in progress:
Euro fogs

Custom 3 point strut bar

Custom trim rings

Smoke fuel door with white filler cap

Got rid of the ugly amber turns in the rear and repainted the lights a deeper red

At the Delaware Water Gap meet:

That last black one has a 3S-GTE under the hood pushing close to 300bhp.

As she stands, I've got Koni special D shocks, Eibach sportline springs, front and rear strut bars, urethane bushings, SRAI and have a full header back 2.25" exhaust to put on. Headers are long-tube Medalion G-Powers that are JASMA certified. All I have to get is a custom downpipe made because the one that came with the headers goes to 1 7/8ths from 2 1/4" at the headers flange. The exhaust just runs into a shelf and it defeats the purpose of having them there in the first place. Then it goes to all mandrel bent piping at 2 1/4". Did a single cat delete because I have two and the one I replaced the two with is a laser spun one with supposedly the highest flow. We'll see.

Plans to autocross on my 05 Scion TC 17" BBS rims in the spring of next year

Future plans include a SS-III lip kit and Cams. Before I do that though, I'm buying a new engine. This one is leaking oil into cylinder 4. Will be building an engine on a stand with the cams and drop it in when this one dies.

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