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Smile Re: vs1 tadao m7 problem.

Did some further testing. my spyder 9.6v runs at 10.5vdc.
-when under load it drops down to 7.96v- 8.03v. so a significant drop off, not enought to strike the sear with the black spring i got off ebay.
-I then hooked my gun up to my table top power supply and set the voltage at 10.5vdc. with the hardest spring. and it worked good and only skipped a beat once or twice. So I went on ebay and got some new batteries 9.6v 230mah x3 try some in my fasta.
the stock spyder 9.6v's are only 170mah so this might give a better recovery rate on the battery so they don't dip bellow 8v. Ill keep you posted when I get them in. I also polished the striker solinoid pin. and cut a notch in the sear end because I was getting problems with the striker catching the sear. Hopefully this solves the problem.
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