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Default Re: What is your Every Day Carry?

I wish I could carry, but this is CA... they're even trying to ban UOC, the most ridiculous concept ever IMO. As it stands:

Right front pocket: Droid Incredible
Left front pocket: Gun case keys, gate padlock key, Honda key, Mustang key, house keys for parents and my houses, cable lock key for the rifle, bottle opener... and a lighter.
Right rear pocket: Wallet
Left rear pocket: Receipts if I think I will need them later, otherwise nothing.

If I was allowed to carry... Probably my 1911 strong side in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, with factory magazines (never had a problem with them) and loaded with 185gr +P CorBon JHP's. I wish I had enough for a Commander, but my Government would do until I could swing one.

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