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Default Re: Additional mods to do for my MR1

this is the body i was talking about , (cant exactly get an mr2 new anymore lol) but basically its going to be something i wish to keep going as long as possible , sure other markers might after something close for cheaper overall , but it still doesn't match the feel and muscle memory of a gun iv been using for 3+ years lol.
these are my babies

MR1 (a.k.a. Old reliable)
mods and additions
CCM Clamping feedneck
16" CP 1 piece barrel (0.689 bore)
Empire Prophecy Loader
Spyder Skeleton Stock
Kingman Rocking Frame 2.0, with a Virtue Spyder board
32* mangaport valve
shock tech spring kit
GUERRILLA Air 62ci 3k HPA tank
Dye Sticky Grips
also a bottom line ASA adapter

Electra 09 (a.k.a. backup)
Virtue Spyder board
Virtue Eyes
VL Force Loader
Pure energy 38ci 3k HPA tank

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