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Default Tippmann 98 Pro, Spyder Noob

Well, I hope the title says enough to get someone interested in looking here. I have a bit of a quandary. I'm well versed in the Tippmann 98 (I'm known as "The Duck" on 98 og. Though it has been some time since I've been on.) but I am woefully ignorant when it comes to Spyders and their kind. Nothing against them, just went a different direction. And that brings my to your fine forum. My step-daughter recently came into a few markers and some gear. (Two Spyder Xtra's and a Brass Eagle Eradicator.) The misc gear I'm not too worried about as I can easily figure the value of that. (About $2.00 ) But I have no idea the value of the markers. They are several years old and they seem to be missing some components. Here's an image. If I can get an idea of their value, I'd like to offer them up here if anyone is remotely interested.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to any replies. Let me know if you need closer pics.

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