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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
nice. i wish i had a camera with panorama view to take a pic of all our vehicles. sitting outside we have 4 snowmobiles, an atv, my dads F250, my moms Edge, my sisters Focus, and my Sierra. inside we have my dads harley and his friends street bike that we're storing. my 15 year old brother is getting his license in a few months or so and my dad promised him a car too. that just leave my youngest brother without a car. thanks god we have enough room for it all!!!
when all my siblings are home with significant others it looks like were having a party, there are at least 8 cars at my house, my dad's jeep (garaged), my dad's silverado, the family back up grand prix, my mom's sienna (garaged), my eclipse, my sister's vue, my brother's jeep, sister's fiance's vibe. And if my brother's wife drove separate and if my girlfriend drove there, there would be 2 more. luckily my little brother is planning on driving the grand prix when he gets his license this fall.
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