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Default Re: Spyder Mr4 Upgrade Help

Eh... that's false Lawpass. The gun and barrel provide accuracy, and in combination produce more to accuracy than paint alone. If you do not have a good quality barrel and have a marker that will not put out a consistent pressure (and thus velocity) shot to shot, then your balls will be left and right, up and down, too far and too short.

Underboring... not a good idea IMO. Been that way for years, even when the ****in' morons over at TechPB started talking out their asses and claiming it was the best. Get right around the size of the ball, and go out and play. That video also produces some false claims about overboring. Overboring, which I do most of the time with a .694 Freak insert or a .693 Matchstick back, produces less accuracy than a close-to-proper or proper bore fit. Do I care? Not really, it gives me a little challenge when playing with rec players. Would it drive most people nuts? Yeah, probably, which is why I keep a couple full kits on hand for when others borrow my guns. I also have had some experiences in underboring when I was newer in the sport, and didn't know any better. I've had multiple occurrences with a Spyder where the bolt would go forward, and jam on the ball because it wouldn't go into the underbored breech. The ball was bored at ~.689, the breech was .684. This wouldn't be as much of a problem in an EP marker as it has air pressure pushing the bolt back, but in a Spyder it can take you out of the game.

Quality paint is the very last part of the equation. It is almost trickier than the rest, actually, since there are so many different brands out there now. The first step is to find a paintball that your store/field carries consistently, and to try it out. When you first open the box (and make sure there are no breaks prior to purchase, preferably), check the balls. Are they malformed in any way? Dimples? Oblong? If there are minimal dimples and not too many oblong balls, they will perform mostly accurately. The shell is another big thing. Drop it onto concrete or asphalt from shoulder height. Does it break? If so, it's probably pretty brittle. I would say that it would be about right for a Spyder that has a regulator, and about the most brittle I'd go in one. I've had paint that'll drop from my knee and break, and I've shot it out of several different markers and not had a single break in the marker. Those were all soft on paint, though, and not a Spyder or a Tippmann. Spyders and Tippmanns will smack a ball around real nice in the breech purely from design.

What I would recommend to you, RenegadeOfFunk, is to:
  • Get a regulator so you will be able to get more consistent force (and thus velocity on the ball) and lower your operating pressure.
  • Get a CP barrel in about the .685-.689 bore range. Balls these days run smaller. In the golden days, all you needed was something in .687-.693.
  • Find that paint that is consistently in stock locally that works for you.

I would not waste your money on an Apex. I would look at a barrel that does fit an Apex, however, because it will most likely be the right size on the rear's OD for the shroud on your marker.
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