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Default Re: TL-Plus: getting the most out of it

Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Electronic hopper is a little vague, as you could get a hopper that just agitates the balls. You want to go with a force feed loader, like a Rotor, Prophecy, Reloader B, Halo B, VLocity, ect....
are force feed loaders really an improvement for a basic semi-auto marker like the TL? I always assumed that autos received the most benefit from these.

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
HPA produces less pressure than a hot CO2 tank. It's been warmer than usual in most parts of the country this summer, so I'm going to bet that's where your drop in velocity is from.
Good point, bigred. I'm in North Carolina and it was high 90s when we played last weekend. This was also the first weekend with my remote and barrel which is why I assumed they were the cause of dropped velocity.

Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
a spring kit should be enough to fix the velocity issue. also an electronic hopper would be a good upgrade and stop any chopping
Should I get a spring kit that replaces all of the springs including striker, valve, sear, and trigger? Or just a striker kit?
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