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Default TL-Plus: getting the most out of it

I posted this similar thread on PB nation, but thought it might get some more specific info on the spyder forums.

So my friends and I have started playing paintball recreationally a few times a month. Standard woodsball with random people of all ages and experience. I haven't played in years and since the place we play is Semi-Auto only I haven't had much urge to get a new marker, but I am wanting to make some basic upgrades to my TL plus. so far i have added:

14" J&J Ceramic Barrel
JT Remote Coil
HPA Tank

since adding the barrel and coil i seem to have dropped a little in velocity. My next thought was to replace the spring since it's 10+ years old and then purchase a new delrin bolt. Will this help my performance? Also, when I replace my bolt should i replace the striker with a delrin as well?

Is it best to change both the striker and valve springs or will the striker spring be enough?

Also, are there any other add ons or small tweaks I can make without doing a full blown LP modification? If it gets to that point i'd just assume get a new marker.
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