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Default Re: Alamo City bolts

A good resource to use to become more knowledgable about different bolts is ACP's page To O-Ring Or Not To O-Ring?

Originally Posted by ferret15 View Post
BEST- 2 oring, DEL flow. NOT the low blow or termawho.
Also, I'm looking to get a few upgrades from ACP, and I was planning on getting the "Low-Blow" bolt, but after reading your comment, I'd like the del-flo bolt. However, none of their Spyder del-flo bolts specify that they'll work with the MR1. I'm guessing either the Sonix/Agressor/Victor or the Xtra/Tactical Sniper del-flo bolts, as they are top cocking. Otherwise I'll just get the Delrin w/ 2 o-rings.
Spyder MR1
- Lapco Big Shot Apex Ready 12" Barrel w/ Empire BT Apex 2
- Spyder E-Trigger Frame
- ACP Delrin Bolt w/ 2 O-Rings
- ACP Slim Style Lightened Stainless Steel & Delrin Striker
- ACP Delrin "Bullit" Seal
- Warrior Paintball Spring Kit
- More upgrades coming soon!

Spyder VS2
- Tado Spyder RS Board

Spyder Victor II
- Spyder MR1 Stock 12" Barrel
- ACP Delrin Bolt w/ 2 O-Rings
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